How to Take HIV Medicines

Having a diagnosis of HIV doesn’t mean the end of your life or your enjoyment of life! Many people with HIV live a long life without many of the stereotypical HIV symptoms. Taking HIV medications can help extend both the length and quality of your life after initial diagnosis.

Why is it important to take my HIV medication correctly and do I need to take all of it?

HAART (or “highly active antiretroviral therapy”) is the medication used to treat HIV. It is important to know that HAART is not a cure for HIV, it is a medication that is used to reduce your viral load and help protect … Read More

Do you know that you can prevent HIV?

HIV simply means human immunodeficiency virus. It is recommended that you prevent the disease because it is not curable. The reason why the rate of HIV infection keeps on increasing is because people are involved in unprotected sex and are not faithful to their partners. The rate of spread of the virus is high in youths than in old people because the youths have not been informed about this disease and they therefore engage in unprotected sex. Before you have sex with your partner it is important for you to go for a HIV test and be screened before you go to enjoy yourselves. Here are some of the ways … Read More

Recognizing HIV Symptoms in the Right Way

The side effects of HIV can be very hard to perceive and in case you wish to create some fine results then you ought to guarantee that you do the HIV Test at the perfect time. You ought to consider following the right strides with the goal that you can know more about the manifestations in the primary stage. The third stage is the deadlier of every one of them thus you have to do the right things at the perfect time. In this article, we are going to speak in insight about this subject.

A portion of the key instructions which you ought to follow with a specific end … Read More

Common Complications of HIV Disease


HIV is one of the most frightening diseases that you can get. This is a disease found everywhere in the world. There are common complications that you can have, when you have the HIV disease. And is important to make sure that you are aware of all these common complications, so that you can be prepared, in what might be waiting for you.


The first complication that you might have, with the HIV disease, is warts. For those who don’t know what warts is, this is a common skin disease that is found with HIV patients.

Warts can be found anywhere on the skin, and it is dull-colored papules … Read More

Early Signs Of HIV Infection

When you are talking about HIV infections, its important to know the HIV symptoms for infection. Early detection of the HIV infection can prevent you in getting into worst stage, controlling the infections and prevents you to get into AIDS.

Warning Signs

The symptoms of HIV infection can vary with different stages. Initially, the effete will experience common flu which is hard to be distinguished from the regular cold or a sore throat or respiratory infection. This is the first stage of HIV and is known as acute or primary HIV infection or called as acute retroviral syndrome.

Specific Symptoms during HIV test

Some of the symptoms that are associated Read More

Does Pep Work To Prevent Hiv Infection

With PEP, an HIV-adverse individual who may have been presented to HIV takes hostile to HIV medications endorsed by a specialist to avoid disease. These are the same medications that individuals are living with HIV taking. Enthusiasm includes taking a few of these medications for a time of one month. To viably lessen a man’s danger of getting to be HIV-positive, PEP must be taken inside of 72 hours of conceivable exposure to HIV yet in a perfect world as right on time as would be prudent.

In the realm of PEP, exposure to HIV is frequently isolated into two classes:

World related exposure and non-word related exposure. “Word related” … Read More

Post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV contamination after rape: When is it demonstrated?

Despite the fact that the dangers of HIV transmission and the viability of post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) have been all around depicted in aword related settings, there are deficient information with respect to PEP in post-rape cases. There are no present rules on PEP for assault casualties. The UK Department of Health in their record entitled “Rules on Post-Exposure Prophylaxis for Health Care Workers Occupationally presented to HIV” (June 1997) have expressed that the viability of PEP after sexual exposure has not been examined and that clinicians will need to consider the circumstances of every situation.

Danger of source being HIV positive

The principal thought is the HIV seroprevalence of … Read More

Testing For HIV Infection andthe PEP Medication

HIV-infected people feel healthy and well for a few years. However, when their CD4 count severely drops, they begin to show signs of other diseases. These symptoms may include night sweats, oral thrush, sudden weight loss, swollen glands in the groin, armpit or neck, tiredness or endless diarrhea. Getting all or some of the above symptoms do mean you have HIV.

It could be that you have another disease that needs the attention of the doctor rather than HIV.

What follows after advanced HIV?

A person who has developed the advanced HIV disease can also develop canker sores, pneumonia or tuberculosis. One point that people should note is that … Read More

Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) explained

HIV PEP -Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is a strategy used to avert contamination after somebody has been presented to a pathogen. It is utilized after known or suspected exposures to irresistible specialists. Case in point, a medical attendant who has been stuck by a needle thought to be tainted withHIV may be given antiretroviral medications to keep her from getting to be contaminated. Correspondingly, a man who had a suspected exposure to Bacillus anthracis would be given proper antimicrobials.


Post-exposure prophylaxis is so namedbecause it is given after (post) somebody has been put in danger of a disease (exposure).Prophylaxis is another method for sayingprevention. Post-exposure prophylaxis is by, … Read More

Why Health Supplements Are Demanded ?

Why health supplements are demanded ? The very first enquiry that comes to mind while we discuss health supplements is why do we need health supplements ? A few centuries ago a balanced diet and an fighting life style was all regarded as be needed for a healthy well being. Then there started a alteration and today we see supermarkets over full of all sorts of health supplements for children, men and women men and women

What is responsible for this change ?

Let us have a look at the elements that are stimulating health supplements a necessary evil in our contemporary world :.

  1. Modern font lifestyle : One of
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